Future First Sword of Braavos


Tad is a slender boy of medium height. He has a mass of unruly dark hair, and the olive complexion that is common in people from the Stepstones.

His time in the Braavosi fencing schools taught him to hold his tongue and learn with his eyes and ears. He tends to be alert and attentive, respectful of his elders, and honest to a fault.

His most cherished possession is his sword Wasp. It was his father’s sword, and delivered to Tad upon his father’s death.


Tad was born Tadrus Longreach, the son of Caldus Longreach, in the Free City Braavo. Caldus Longreach was a captain in the Stormcrows, one of the best known and feared company of fighting men in Braavos. The success of the Stormcrows allowed Caldus to send his son to one of the most respected fencing schools in the Stepstones.

When Tad 11, his father was killed in a Stormcrow raid. Although the lifeprice paid to Tad’s mother was enough to keep them from starving, it was not enough to keep him in school. His mother remarried a fishing boat captain, and Tad was expected to join the fishing guild. Tad rejected that future, and ran away.

Tad was only on his own for a few months before he ran into Uncle Traveling Mustachio. He saw in Mustachio the honor, bearing and skill of his own father. While the Westeros notion of a “squire” is different than a Braavosi fencing student, Tad has embraced the opportunity to learn from the older man.

Foes Defeated

1 pirate, by his Braavosi blade


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